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  • Twilight Zone: The Confusing State of What Is Real In Hip Hop
    “Rap snitches/Telling all their business/Sit in the court and be their own star witness” – MF Doom on “Rap Snitch Knishes” What would you think of someone whom the majority of the time you heard them speak they were discussing/reminiscing on/bragging about murdering people? What would you think of them if they rhythmically conveyed this…
  • Hip-Hop Rumors: Nick Cannon Clowns Kanye, Gucci Teaches, Nicki’s Man Rebukes….
    SCARY….. Gucci Mane was speaking to Atlanta Middle School Kids for career day. Wonder what he said? Hopefully it was something like, “Don’t do what I do for a career.” and also “Excuse this ice cream cone on my cheek.” Safaree says “IT WASN’T ME!” I think I like this dude Safaree. First of all,…
  • 50 Cent Adds Boxing Promoter to His Resume
    (AllHipHop News) 50 Cent’s SMS Promotions will team with Dibella Entertainment to promote an upcoming boxing event that will be featured on the March 1st edition of ESPN’s Friday Night Fights. SMS’s Billy “The Kid” Dib will defend his IBF Featherweight title against Cuban Olympian and IBF’s number 3 ranked Luis Franco in the main event at MGM…
  • DAILY WORD VIDEO: Embrace the Struggle!!
    Greetings and Salutations my great people! Welcome to the last day of January and the beginning of the rest of your life! Today I want to leave you with a special treat; I have a forthcoming motivational album coming out this year titled “It’s Always Too Early To Quit” and the first track off of…
  • Dr. Ian Smith Wants Hip-Hop to ‘Shred’ Excess Weight
    Dr. Ian Smith has helped thousands of people lose weight, including several rappers. In hip-hop, oversized rappers get respect by their lyrics and by playing to their size (Notorious B.I.G., Heavy D., and Rick Ross). While the Big Fella still get his props in this industry for his rap skills, we want him around for a…
  • Rap Mogul Steve Stoute Thanks Hip-Hop For Being Named Ad Executive Of The Year
  • From Trouble Man To Funny Man: T.I. Stars In New Comedy Film ‘Identity Thief’
    (AllHipHop News) To his family, he’s Clifford Harris. To millions of fans he is T.I. On February 8th he will be Julian in the new movie, Identity Thief directed by Horrible Bosses director Seth Gordon. T.I., co-stars with Arrested Development actor Jason Bateman and Bridesmaid actress Melissa McCarthy in a comedy about a businessman (Bateman) who has his identity stolen…
  • CONTEST: Win Tickets To See The Kid Daytona Perform Live In New York City
    CONTEST: Win Tickets To See The Kid Daytona Perform Live In New York City
  • Aaron McGruder Wants to Make ‘Uncle Ruckus’ Movie

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